Capacity of container decides the volume of gas or liquid it can contain and not vice versa.On same note its human brain which decides the amount and type of knowledge it can hold and most importantly,effectively use.This is the reason same chapter is taught again and again in different classes with slight increase in level of difficulty,difficulty to understand it.Inspite of knowing the fact, there are people who tend to overdo things just for the sake of popularity.They take the risk of bursting the container.Secondly brain is an attic where only useful inventory should be kept and if possible it should be properly indexed.I once had an opportunity to learn the fact the useless good,no matter how dearly its in market,becomes a burden and is never an asset.I write all this in context of students.My own observation is – the developement should be continous but gradual.If we start teaching a kindergarten student,things from higher class,just to prove that we know it,we can fatally be sure of its repercussions.So we should handle the suject with care.We might be learned in the topic but to have appropriate container measuring skills is altogether a different art must for mentors.


Way of life

Who are you? A trend setter or trend follower or are you indifferent with the trend.There are people who change the the situation,there are others who change as per the demands of the situation and yet there is another category of people who are static,who show no signs of being influenced by the circumstances.This last kind of people are those who are engaged with godly matters,the are not bothered about wordly matters.The people involved in wordly matters can not stay isolated from chage.Change is the only constant phenomenon.Therefore its important to stay updated.we should be prompt,agile and elastic in our approach,so as to respond to change in prepared manner.How you respond to change is another matter and we will talk about it latter.There are people who set goal and starts executing their plan to reach their destiny.They change the situation according to their benefit while others change their goal according to prevailing circumstance.Both genre of people deserves accolades and neither of them is inferor to other,its just like adopting one of the two available options.A person who walks on wrong path either has to change the outlook of people,so that they agree to what he is doing or he has to change himself,so as to accepted by others.Both require great deal of stength and are equally challenging but former is destructive in nature and later is constructive option.All constuction work involves,cost,hard work,artistic approach.Pain and sacrifice are synonymous to construction.However,without any doubts in our mind we shall agree to the fact that construction is more satisfying and pleasing than destroying something.On may be very strong and capable of destroying but will always be haunted by the guilt of murdering the hard work of many.(destruction is mother of construction -is different principle and we should not mix it with our burning topic).so,when faced with situation which requires picking one of above options of life,one should always choose ,the option which is constructive in nature.This may invite series of difficulties and challenges,but never loose your hope and give up.When in situation,accept the fault,accepting is first step towards rectification,moreover its natural and obivious to make faults,but its only humans who realise it,accept it and amend it.further,small or big all have made and shall make their share of mistake.YOUR COMMENT WILL BE APPRECIATED EVEN IF YOU ARE CRITIC-CRICTICS ARE YOUR BEST FREIND AREN’t THEY?


Dreams are wonderful,they are what urges us to keep moving,striving for excellence.Ambition are what leads us and gives us direction.Many live their dream,some change their dream,others keep chasing themand their are few who vanish cursing their dream.They are embryo of our destiny,they decide our success.One who does not dare to dream,hardly experiences the satisfaction in living a life,inspite of all the riches he may have, his is a wortless life.Now that the ‘term’ life has entered in our discussion,we need to talk about it in right perspective………………Long time ago,a scholar decided to devote his life in spreading knowledge and accepted small gifts in return,just enough to fulfil his daily needs.He would never,never means never accept more than what his necessity was,saying that excess would sow the seed of greed and this would divert him from his path.The cause of sorrow is wants and expectation,they have the power to lead you to hell.Inspite of merely being able meet his daily requirement,he was content and satisfied with his life.He would ask everyday,before every meal he ate,to his wife,”dear have you invested?”to this his wife answer in yes and then the wise man would add,”dear and have you paid back the debts?”,and to this his wife,who followed and obeyed her husband would again answer in yes.Their neighbour who herd this daily, went up to the wise man seeking explanation on this daily episode.The scholar said,”life should be spent selflessly and therefore i give back people what life has given me (knowledge).Here experience is investment and sharing them is life paying back.further I question my wife- has she give food to our children-investment,as the kids will take care of us in old age,futher still I ask my wife if my parents have been provided for-paying back the debts.On getting the answer and understanding the moral,the neighbour left with deep respect for the man and also vowed to adopt the lesson in his life.What we learn from this is-1. The more you have the more you will want and eventually you will be chasing the wants and most unfortunately have no time to enjoy what you have.2.People will look at you the same way you look at life and 3.your children will treat you the same way you treat your parents,they will be what you teach them and don’t expect them to be what you haven’t taught.Let people know you live,let them bring roses for you when you leave,let them pay back the love to your children which you gave then……….your feedback is eagerly awaited……..if you want me to write to or for your children who is going in wrong direction,do not hesitate to mail me with details of his or her misadventure,my mail id…………coming with new lesson with a related story.


I am 4 days,5 posts, 2 about pages, old in blogging.dear friends as I had promised to keep my readers-if any and importantly myself updated with the progress that i have made,so shall i do without failing.I have designed an approach with the help of what i had learned long time ago. A.) I have set my goal straight.firstly,to learn to express myself,to be articulative,to share the things that i pick up while interacting with either books or people,to help others with my words,to speak in healing manner.Secondly,to prove myself and others that propogating these ideas are not in vain.To establish the truth about blogging as written by the blogging gurus,this i do by trying to do what ever they train us to do.Thirdly,make money-being intellectually occupied,staying in comfort zone of my home,staying connected with like minded people and makine huge friend list is great but not enough.To do all this and achieving first and second goal it will require money.If these are not good enough reasons to make money then let me share with you that I have two kids and I am responsible for fulfilling their wants.(I shall write on planning and subsequently sub-planning in coming posts). B).organising—To get to the target that one has set to achieve,one has to organise the resources.the assets have to becarefully andadequately used. C).No goal can be attained without the assistance of productive people.Therefore always try to be around efficient and sensible people..Again, we willelaborate on this later on. D).directing is the body if plannning is soul.we all know that that sphinx wasn’t built in our history books but in egypt.In short the plans are to be executed to get desired result.we need to get into motion and execute the plans , get the best out of the resources.we need to translate the the mind into physical action.example- a writer has to pick the pen and start writing so as to get appreciation.If he does not do so he will not be noticed, no matter how great his ideas are. E).co-ordination- there should be complete harmony of efforts.All the activities should be directed to one goal.the entire system has to co-ordinate with each other.collectiveness is the essence to achieve the desired result.Even in job like ours,where we work alone,for self and from home-we need to have a team and that too a co-ordinated one. F).No matter how well you or I plan,no matter how well we are trained,no matter how well our peers or subordinates are,there is bound to be deviation from projected path and its therefore important to be vigilant and take corrective measures at the earliest.faster you spot the deviation,promptly you will fix it and only then you will reach your destiny and that too in right time….which is very important is it not? G).research,report,remould if required, rest if you must,reshuffle your priority list if need and then only you can rejoice. Lastly,all the pros and cons should be timely evaluated.take your time and simplify the equation.calculate the the estimated cost and projected profit and never forget to make provisions for the loss that may be inflicted on failure.which however is not an option.On personal front,i have started on right foot,have been writing posts,making effort to improve with each article.Making sure not to plagiarize,reading what others are upto.virtually attending the training modules. FOR ANY KIND OF JOB WHICH IS INTELLECTUALLY ABSORBING,CHILDREN RELATED OR OF PHILOSOPHICAL IN NATURE,SEND ME A MAIL AT

Ace of the pack

Someone,once said me that god gives sorrow only to his loved ones,whom his has already bestowed the power to overcome it.someone else shared that god puts people in trying situations only when he thinks that the person he is testing is worthy to be tested. LETS PROVE IT 1.Do we ask five year old to pick a bag weighing 20kg…… 2.Do we plough land in desert… 3.Do we play music for a deaf audience……no Therefore,when one is in demanding position.He or she should not curse god but be thankful to him for the opportunity to prove your metal,further be grateful for the lesson learnt,since every crisis in life teaches you something new. Like every phenomenon te ordeal is sure to end.Pray that you bo ace of the pack and clear these examination with distinction,pray thay every one in similar situation will copy your approach and therby remember you.

Win-win situation

We humans need to build rapport with our immediate surrounding.Being content in the situation one is,in no means,mean that we are not progressive.It rather implies we are in harmony with the existing setup and are sensible enough to do things in a manner which does not jeopardize the partnership. No matter what the condition is,one has to postively and continously engage in dialogue and that too with open mind.Ignorning the second party’s view is never an option.we should groom ourselves to develop and adopt an approach which is a win-win situation for both. Further,one also needs to be far sighted and analytical while adopting an approach vis-a-vis surrounding.he should be quick in identifying the deviations and its consequences. Unfortunately,because of our self centred steps,we regularly hear of global warming and threat it guarantees.This is just tip of an iceberg and merely one example of condition that arsises when we go blind to the needs of second party involved in the engagement. As mentioned earlier,we don’t need to be self-less,but we need to be sensitive to the wants of other.Therefore it can rightly be said-“EMPATHY IS ONE OF THE BEST VIRTUE THAT WE HUMANS SHOULD PRACTISE,PREACH AND PROPOGATE”.


First thing first,the most important attribute of life is to absorb all that comes cannot promulgate an idea unless he has adequtely analysed it.Nothing teaches more than experience.similarly,when many bloggers profess that they are making their living by blogging,it cannot be believed unless one himself doesn’t start making some himself.However their stories can act as guide.Secondly,everyone in life needs some sort of help,it may be direct or indirect.A seed absorbs all it needs from its surrounding before it grows.when it has grown it gives back the enviorment in lieu of assistance it,we too should absorb the lesson the life teaches us,find a way to remain staight inspite of what the situation is and when on top of it stay humbled and give something to others in return.


Let me share the reason why have i chosen to blog.Simple to do what i love to do,what I plan to do .I want to master the human principles,polish myself,so that i can erase or atleast fade the memory of my misendeavours.leave a legacy that my kids are proud of,to hail my upbringing.To show the world that my parents are best in what they have done.Deep in my heart i also desire to make my fortune blogging.I read somewhere that blogging is a way to make lots of quids doing what you love to do.How could i have neglected the writing without trying it out. Therefore in my blogs ,I shall propogate the humanity(before that i shall apply these on myself),secondly i shall keep my readers updated with the progress i have made in my effort to make my fortune and most importantly try to improve my writing (communication)skills. One principle of life is to regularly improve your should have both devtion and passion towards the skill that one is trying to propogate.however one has to do right things the right way.this can be illustrated in following short story that my mother once told me-once two pupil went to a teacher,both of them submitted themselves to the teacher with one desire-of becoming wise and learned,one of the student was naive and this was his maiden attempt to learn,to him the the sage said,”okay, i shall convert you to wise man and it shall take six months in doing so” the student was happy and devoted himself to the teacher.the second pupil too had the same wish but had gone to some other teacher prior to coming to this teacher,he knew few things and was proud of his little achievement-to him the sage said,”okay i shall turn you into learned person but it shall take 18 months”hearing this he was surprised and questioned the teacher why would a naive take 6 months and he 18 months,when he already knew so many things.To this the sage answered,”he knows nothing and therefore he is fresh and because of this he would blidly obey all my instructions without any doubt but you would take 6 months to believe in my wherein i will have to prove myself,in next six months you will have to forget what you have learned cause its not relevant anymore and in last 6 months you will establish yourself as a disciple and learn to be wise”. By this it has been made clear that we need to have faith while attempting to do something good, we need to exhibit patience and not hop from principle to another,after all thats why its called principle