Dreams are wonderful,they are what urges us to keep moving,striving for excellence.Ambition are what leads us and gives us direction.Many live their dream,some change their dream,others keep chasing themand their are few who vanish cursing their dream.They are embryo of our destiny,they decide our success.One who does not dare to dream,hardly experiences the satisfaction in living a life,inspite of all the riches he may have, his is a wortless life.Now that the ‘term’ life has entered in our discussion,we need to talk about it in right perspective………………Long time ago,a scholar decided to devote his life in spreading knowledge and accepted small gifts in return,just enough to fulfil his daily needs.He would never,never means never accept more than what his necessity was,saying that excess would sow the seed of greed and this would divert him from his path.The cause of sorrow is wants and expectation,they have the power to lead you to hell.Inspite of merely being able meet his daily requirement,he was content and satisfied with his life.He would ask everyday,before every meal he ate,to his wife,”dear have you invested?”to this his wife answer in yes and then the wise man would add,”dear and have you paid back the debts?”,and to this his wife,who followed and obeyed her husband would again answer in yes.Their neighbour who herd this daily, went up to the wise man seeking explanation on this daily episode.The scholar said,”life should be spent selflessly and therefore i give back people what life has given me (knowledge).Here experience is investment and sharing them is life paying back.further I question my wife- has she give food to our children-investment,as the kids will take care of us in old age,futher still I ask my wife if my parents have been provided for-paying back the debts.On getting the answer and understanding the moral,the neighbour left with deep respect for the man and also vowed to adopt the lesson in his life.What we learn from this is-1. The more you have the more you will want and eventually you will be chasing the wants and most unfortunately have no time to enjoy what you have.2.People will look at you the same way you look at life and 3.your children will treat you the same way you treat your parents,they will be what you teach them and don’t expect them to be what you haven’t taught.Let people know you live,let them bring roses for you when you leave,let them pay back the love to your children which you gave then……….your feedback is eagerly awaited……..if you want me to write to or for your children who is going in wrong direction,do not hesitate to mail me with details of his or her misadventure,my mail id is-Satbuchi@gmail.com…………coming with new lesson with a related story.


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