Man with painted opinion

The man of tower
Fresh from shower
Caught him undressed
For he was under stress
Smelling of weed
Hands still full of seed
Under its influence
Coloured his glass
With painted opinion
Peeped outside the window
He started a conversation
And kept me under observation
made little of it
For all he could
Is whisper
Next I heard of him
He knocked the box
out popped a letter
His eyes hazzy
All he read was
Imitating wise
Surfed for a saint
The man there
With three monkeys
was preaching
Virtues of humanity



progress:In one month I have learnt that “even in this internet age developement is gradual.The point of satisfaction is,developement is there”.
Objective:Slowly,slowly am building the count of readers but to sustain this activity no sight of revenue,this is worrying.
Learning:blogging is a great tool to master the skill of expression.We get the opportunity to remain connected to various intellectuals who are doing samething as us.Being involved with letters,words and sentence,every single moment of blogging teaches you a lot.
Confession:For the last few years I was not involved in technological advancement,so this resolve to blog has brought me back to the stage.In one months time I have started to feel the hangand am enjoying.Its always nice to know that the cause I stand for is point of pondering for many.
Observation:The web is like all great ocean joined together and so much of wealth in it.Staying under water assures of success.However,its point to remember that nothing is easy.
On pundits:The web is full of masters who are not tired of preaching the various ways to instantly get success.To them-I have learnt to find my own way,since adopting their way yeilded no result nor did they show signs of keeping upto their promise.
Next plan:write about 10 posts,10 poems,keep learning,explore the united ocean,improve my presentation skill,adopt some new way to promote the blog,make distance from quacks……….

To excell and be satisfied,passion joined with vision is required.Effort and that too an honest one is what is in our hands
the rest shall follow in order.may be late but surely.

Once to a NRI

An indian went to America to study medicine and fell in love with the place.The American way of living,their progressive culture,opportunities available there all these and many other things appealed him.He got a job,married an american girl and had children and was happily enjoying his citizenship as american.After about 30 years of leaving is country for good,one day he fell ill.Being a doctor himself,he sensed that something bad was to come.Like any rational man,he underwent various check-ups and even took a second opinion but the result was same.To his dismay he was suffering from cancer and that too in last stages.He felt devasted and started fearing death.Waiting for anything is annoying,imagine what would it be waiting for death.His greed for money and many undone things started haunting him.He started self reproaching for all of half done wish list and one thing that he felt sorry the most for,was he had never returned to his homeland after settleing there.He felt sorry for not returning back the love he had received from his people back in india.Now, this doctor gave up his materialistic quest and gradually stepped into spiritual world.He longed for eternal peace,which wasn’t available in America.He pursued his family to accompany him to india in his last projected journey.To his respite and joy they agreed.To India they started,though with heavy heart.Ater landing in india,the about to die doctor contacted his once loved ones.They welcomed him with open arms,some with love and some were undoubtedly influenced by his wealth and NRI tag too.He paid price for the wealth he had earned in tears on seeing his people.Now,when these people came to know of his condition,they started pouring their advice.As a matter of fact Indians are never short of options.Everyone here had their own point of view on burning topic,not good at timeslike this.This doctor who was a changed man listened to all with open ears.He hoped to get a assurance that walking on particular path would save his life and that is exactly what happened.One of his old friend suggested,he go to dev bhumi.Dev bhumi is place where miracle still happen.
6a00d8341f0f7d53ef00e5509cb7428834-piDev bhumi starts from haridwar and upwards.So with clean heart and full on faith and hope,this doctor and family decided to travel.After all, this was the only option and so they held it with both their hands.Isn’t mountains better place to die as compared to crowded cities or villages.With nothing to lose and ultimatum getting closer they reached Dev bhumi.Hope,faith,hope,faith,h,f,h,f……the only remedy in sight to them.As told and decided in advance they visited an Ashram,which was located in heart of great Himalaya.This guru was not among thousands of cheat that India is made fun, to have,infact he had divine powers,acquired after devoting his life to the cause for many years.Inspite of the journey being wearythis was the last hope of life to the doctor and therefore he felt a bit excited.Excitement peeped through the gloomy clouds of surrender.Did the guruji disappoint?No, absolutely not
Cartoon-peoplewise-old-man-vector.The guru told him,”here take this flower and eat it, rejoice for your faith has given you a second birth,from now on you are healed “.To the doctors surprise he instantly felt healed and from that moment onwards his physical condition was on an upswing trend.The check-up confirmed of his well being and on returning to America he devoted rest of his life serving the needful there and made it a point to visit India on much more regular basis.When no medicine works,faith is sure to yeild results,and in Dev bhumi reason to uphold faith is in abundance.

Life cycle

baby-boy-sitting-clip-artcartoon-of-dad-and-baby608-00248356Prized possession embraced by all; Responsible loving parents ready at each call; Ignorant,innocent yet attended by all; Clock started ticking and started to crawl; Only time when dear ones clapped on fall; Letters numbers and pictures mastered them all; teachers and friends answered their call; Inquisitive vibarant and loved by all; Days started lengthening and started to get tall; bruise and did not stop to fall; Now woods then mall ventured them all; Flame ,beau and foe answered every call; Tempted,enticed and led by all;Seasons after season remained a doll; Now old one cautioned me before each call; Parents,children love them all;Determined to respond to their call; Retrospecting yet hopefull to provide for all; Year after year saw them crawl,fall and getting tall; No chance left to fail or fall; Mother, father,son, daughter…seen them all; learned, nature answers every call; sick,old and pale turning burden to all; Clock stopped and I fall;Biding goodbye to all at this last fall.

power and its use

mini_1744300cPower makes human beings go insane.It is human character to misuse the power it has acquired after long struggle,sacrifice and passion.The consequence of such irrational behaviour on attaining the might is process leading to status-quo.Therefore it is very important to regularise the use of power when it has been achieved.This power that we talk of could be result of political struggle,scienctific advancement,personal ascension,gods intervention or anything else,but once when acquired it has to be kept in mind that the purpose was to possess it and optimally and judiciously use it and not to create Franenstein’s monsterscienceisnot1 out of it ,for if done so,the nature shall restore the balance by using what so ever,men who oppress women should remind themselves that no autocracy or aristocracies lasts forever,change may be gradual and microscopic but is just round the corner,so men needs to change the way they look at women,let women do what they like and let nature take its own course.The women were highly regarded in past,they became subject to male oppression in near past,women stuggled for their equl status,the won what they had set out to,now they started misusing the powers acquired after long stuggle and now they face the consequence of such misuse.I am no pundit on the subject but if given an opportunity can satisfactorily prove that women today are more responsible for the evil they face.I have been staying in one of the most backward areas of the world,the only indication of the year 2014 is china made mobile which is prized asset of every male and female.With the guidance as to how to use it in the best interest of mankind it would have been a blessing in disguise but it is turning out to be curse.pronography is click away leading to enticement and partner in crime is just call away,this was just the tip of ice berg and rest can be well imagined.

  1. A monkey playing with a mobile phone

The young girls with recently found political voice,government sponsored aid,fake sympathy from public are inviting the satan.Men are men and they are beast who venture into darkest avenues which are unholy,but women have started acting as sirens and thus make themselves even more vulnerable.I hope the responsible persons shall act on time and introduce two to three new subjects in high school level in order to preserve the left of humanity.The subjects being moral science,use of science and technology and third being sex education



Large number of people that we encounter everyday are critics,leg pullers,judgemental and so on,but they are not the ones we live for,nor do we live this life for the sake of people who expect so much from us and leave us at single failure.Then whom do we live for?We live for ourselves,we as an individual are reponsible for own act.Our sole objective should be self-contentment.However in attempt to attain it we should remind ourselves that it can be achieved only by adhereing to the path shown by god.By following each and every principle of humanity,by falling in love with him.We should aim at complete eternal is therefore essential to follow his teachings.This reference has to regular and deviations should not act as hinderance,rather to wash the dirt caused by wrong doing can be washed only by following his recommendations with regard to corrective step.We are often forced to make the comparison with people who give hell to these godly principles and yet manage to attain much more than us in this life,this also tempts us to change our path.In situations like this we need to remind ourselves,that this not final evaluation,rather its just one of many tests that shall be taken into account in his court.Which shall decide our standard of living in our eternal home.Therefore,each time you come second as compared to your opponent in this life,and irrespective of it stick to your path ,path projected by god,you score a point over your opponent on final judgement day.Judgement where judges are not influenced by wealth,looks,family background etc.Is this a game then,where one wins only when the other loses.Absolutely not,this is purely our personal identification and only our deeds matter and nothing else.Life is like a tree where our deeds decide the fruits it shall bear.Bad deeds mean that we shall have to starve when we go back to our home.Many become atheist because they do not get desired results after following the commanded path in their present life.To them the life after death means nothing.They believe in what they see and not at what no one has ever seen.To them,we need the eyes to identify his light and one who is wise to do so is dear to him and therefore is not present to share the experience.Belief and its magical effect is beyond human invented scale of measurement.OH GOD WHO IS PRESENT IN PEN THAT I WRITE WITH,YOU WHO DWELL IN EYES OF WHO READ THIS,YES GOD YOU WHO IS REASON OF EVERY THOUGHT,SHOW US THE PATH FOR WE ARE BLIND AND HEAL THE WOUNDS CAUSED BY THE WORLDLY DESIRES.


Capacity of container decides the volume of gas or liquid it can contain and not vice versa.On same note its human brain which decides the amount and type of knowledge it can hold and most importantly,effectively use.This is the reason same chapter is taught again and again in different classes with slight increase in level of difficulty,difficulty to understand it.Inspite of knowing the fact, there are people who tend to overdo things just for the sake of popularity.They take the risk of bursting the container.Secondly brain is an attic where only useful inventory should be kept and if possible it should be properly indexed.I once had an opportunity to learn the fact the useless good,no matter how dearly its in market,becomes a burden and is never an asset.I write all this in context of students.My own observation is – the developement should be continous but gradual.If we start teaching a kindergarten student,things from higher class,just to prove that we know it,we can fatally be sure of its repercussions.So we should handle the suject with care.We might be learned in the topic but to have appropriate container measuring skills is altogether a different art must for mentors.


judgeScrutiny is good but to what extent is questionable.If a person has has to regularly sit for exams,his fort of self beleif will be dented.The moment he is aware that he is under observation,his consciousness will make him commit mistakes.Therefore let him alone,let him be self and let him appraise himself of his qualities and drawbacks.Love him for his qualities and not his dirt,which he is trying to wash.This acceptance will build his confidence and open up more avenues of achievements. The process of ascension is not at all easy.The person has to regularly keep himself updated.He is bound to fall in the attempt,this is a obivious,but let not his enthusiasm fall.This enthusiasm to accept failure and refresh his attempt defines a man.He shall ever cheerish his journey to rise like a phoenix,this is what is called ascension.The great conflict within between light and darkness and eventual triumph of light is called ascension.He needs to have rhino skin and shouldn’t be effected by criticism.He needs to be analytical in his approach in this era,era where quantity is valued more than quality.How much you know matters more than how much you use,how much you earn matters more than how you earn,and so on. If scutiny is important,it should be done every moment rather than periodically.Out of days,weeks,months and years of good work,he should not be christened for one single involved in nomenclature should remind themselves of the fact that they too are being observed by …..god