I am 4 days,5 posts, 2 about pages, old in blogging.dear friends as I had promised to keep my readers-if any and importantly myself updated with the progress that i have made,so shall i do without failing.I have designed an approach with the help of what i had learned long time ago. A.) I have set my goal straight.firstly,to learn to express myself,to be articulative,to share the things that i pick up while interacting with either books or people,to help others with my words,to speak in healing manner.Secondly,to prove myself and others that propogating these ideas are not in vain.To establish the truth about blogging as written by the blogging gurus,this i do by trying to do what ever they train us to do.Thirdly,make money-being intellectually occupied,staying in comfort zone of my home,staying connected with like minded people and makine huge friend list is great but not enough.To do all this and achieving first and second goal it will require money.If these are not good enough reasons to make money then let me share with you that I have two kids and I am responsible for fulfilling their wants.(I shall write on planning and subsequently sub-planning in coming posts). B).organising—To get to the target that one has set to achieve,one has to organise the resources.the assets have to becarefully andadequately used. C).No goal can be attained without the assistance of productive people.Therefore always try to be around efficient and sensible people..Again, we willelaborate on this later on. D).directing is the body if plannning is soul.we all know that that sphinx wasn’t built in our history books but in egypt.In short the plans are to be executed to get desired result.we need to get into motion and execute the plans , get the best out of the resources.we need to translate the the mind into physical action.example- a writer has to pick the pen and start writing so as to get appreciation.If he does not do so he will not be noticed, no matter how great his ideas are. E).co-ordination- there should be complete harmony of efforts.All the activities should be directed to one goal.the entire system has to co-ordinate with each other.collectiveness is the essence to achieve the desired result.Even in job like ours,where we work alone,for self and from home-we need to have a team and that too a co-ordinated one. F).No matter how well you or I plan,no matter how well we are trained,no matter how well our peers or subordinates are,there is bound to be deviation from projected path and its therefore important to be vigilant and take corrective measures at the earliest.faster you spot the deviation,promptly you will fix it and only then you will reach your destiny and that too in right time….which is very important is it not? G).research,report,remould if required, rest if you must,reshuffle your priority list if need and then only you can rejoice. Lastly,all the pros and cons should be timely evaluated.take your time and simplify the equation.calculate the the estimated cost and projected profit and never forget to make provisions for the loss that may be inflicted on failure.which however is not an option.On personal front,i have started on right foot,have been writing posts,making effort to improve with each article.Making sure not to plagiarize,reading what others are upto.virtually attending the training modules. FOR ANY KIND OF JOB WHICH IS INTELLECTUALLY ABSORBING,CHILDREN RELATED OR OF PHILOSOPHICAL IN NATURE,SEND ME A MAIL AT


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