Let me share the reason why have i chosen to blog.Simple to do what i love to do,what I plan to do .I want to master the human principles,polish myself,so that i can erase or atleast fade the memory of my misendeavours.leave a legacy that my kids are proud of,to hail my upbringing.To show the world that my parents are best in what they have done.Deep in my heart i also desire to make my fortune blogging.I read somewhere that blogging is a way to make lots of quids doing what you love to do.How could i have neglected the writing without trying it out. Therefore in my blogs ,I shall propogate the humanity(before that i shall apply these on myself),secondly i shall keep my readers updated with the progress i have made in my effort to make my fortune and most importantly try to improve my writing (communication)skills. One principle of life is to regularly improve your skill.one should have both devtion and passion towards the skill that one is trying to propogate.however one has to do right things the right way.this can be illustrated in following short story that my mother once told me-once two pupil went to a teacher,both of them submitted themselves to the teacher with one desire-of becoming wise and learned,one of the student was naive and this was his maiden attempt to learn,to him the the sage said,”okay, i shall convert you to wise man and it shall take six months in doing so” the student was happy and devoted himself to the teacher.the second pupil too had the same wish but had gone to some other teacher prior to coming to this teacher,he knew few things and was proud of his little achievement-to him the sage said,”okay i shall turn you into learned person but it shall take 18 months”hearing this he was surprised and questioned the teacher why would a naive take 6 months and he 18 months,when he already knew so many things.To this the sage answered,”he knows nothing and therefore he is fresh and because of this he would blidly obey all my instructions without any doubt but you would take 6 months to believe in my wherein i will have to prove myself,in next six months you will have to forget what you have learned cause its not relevant anymore and in last 6 months you will establish yourself as a disciple and learn to be wise”. By this it has been made clear that we need to have faith while attempting to do something good, we need to exhibit patience and not hop from principle to another,after all thats why its called principle