power and its use

mini_1744300cPower makes human beings go insane.It is human character to misuse the power it has acquired after long struggle,sacrifice and passion.The consequence of such irrational behaviour on attaining the might is process leading to status-quo.Therefore it is very important to regularise the use of power when it has been achieved.This power that we talk of could be result of political struggle,scienctific advancement,personal ascension,gods intervention or anything else,but once when acquired it has to be kept in mind that the purpose was to possess it and optimally and judiciously use it and not to create Franenstein’s monsterscienceisnot1 out of it ,for if done so,the nature shall restore the balance by using what so ever means.so,men who oppress women should remind themselves that no autocracy or aristocracies lasts forever,change may be gradual and microscopic but is just round the corner,so men needs to change the way they look at women,let women do what they like and let nature take its own course.The women were highly regarded in past,they became subject to male oppression in near past,women stuggled for their equl status,the won what they had set out to,now they started misusing the powers acquired after long stuggle and now they face the consequence of such misuse.I am no pundit on the subject but if given an opportunity can satisfactorily prove that women today are more responsible for the evil they face.I have been staying in one of the most backward areas of the world,the only indication of the year 2014 is china made mobile which is prized asset of every male and female.With the guidance as to how to use it in the best interest of mankind it would have been a blessing in disguise but it is turning out to be curse.pronography is click away leading to enticement and partner in crime is just call away,this was just the tip of ice berg and rest can be well imagined.

  1. A monkey playing with a mobile phone

The young girls with recently found political voice,government sponsored aid,fake sympathy from public are inviting the satan.Men are men and they are beast who venture into darkest avenues which are unholy,but women have started acting as sirens and thus make themselves even more vulnerable.I hope the responsible persons shall act on time and introduce two to three new subjects in high school level in order to preserve the left of humanity.The subjects being moral science,use of science and technology and third being sex education



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