Win-win situation

We humans need to build rapport with our immediate surrounding.Being content in the situation one is,in no means,mean that we are not progressive.It rather implies we are in harmony with the existing setup and are sensible enough to do things in a manner which does not jeopardize the partnership. No matter what the condition is,one has to postively and continously engage in dialogue and that too with open mind.Ignorning the second party’s view is never an option.we should groom ourselves to develop and adopt an approach which is a win-win situation for both. Further,one also needs to be far sighted and analytical while adopting an approach vis-a-vis surrounding.he should be quick in identifying the deviations and its consequences. Unfortunately,because of our self centred steps,we regularly hear of global warming and threat it guarantees.This is just tip of an iceberg and merely one example of condition that arsises when we go blind to the needs of second party involved in the engagement. As mentioned earlier,we don’t need to be self-less,but we need to be sensitive to the wants of other.Therefore it can rightly be said-“EMPATHY IS ONE OF THE BEST VIRTUE THAT WE HUMANS SHOULD PRACTISE,PREACH AND PROPOGATE”.