Ace of the pack

Someone,once said me that god gives sorrow only to his loved ones,whom his has already bestowed the power to overcome it.someone else shared that god puts people in trying situations only when he thinks that the person he is testing is worthy to be tested. LETS PROVE IT 1.Do we ask five year old to pick a bag weighing 20kg…… 2.Do we plough land in desert… 3.Do we play music for a deaf audience……no Therefore,when one is in demanding position.He or she should not curse god but be thankful to him for the opportunity to prove your metal,further be grateful for the lesson learnt,since every crisis in life teaches you something new. Like every phenomenon te ordeal is sure to end.Pray that you bo ace of the pack and clear these examination with distinction,pray thay every one in similar situation will copy your approach and therby remember you.