Way of life

Who are you? A trend setter or trend follower or are you indifferent with the trend.There are people who change the the situation,there are others who change as per the demands of the situation and yet there is another category of people who are static,who show no signs of being influenced by the circumstances.This last kind of people are those who are engaged with godly matters,the are not bothered about wordly matters.The people involved in wordly matters can not stay isolated from chage.Change is the only constant phenomenon.Therefore its important to stay updated.we should be prompt,agile and elastic in our approach,so as to respond to change in prepared manner.How you respond to change is another matter and we will talk about it latter.There are people who set goal and starts executing their plan to reach their destiny.They change the situation according to their benefit while others change their goal according to prevailing circumstance.Both genre of people deserves accolades and neither of them is inferor to other,its just like adopting one of the two available options.A person who walks on wrong path either has to change the outlook of people,so that they agree to what he is doing or he has to change himself,so as to accepted by others.Both require great deal of stength and are equally challenging but former is destructive in nature and later is constructive option.All constuction work involves,cost,hard work,artistic approach.Pain and sacrifice are synonymous to construction.However,without any doubts in our mind we shall agree to the fact that construction is more satisfying and pleasing than destroying something.On may be very strong and capable of destroying but will always be haunted by the guilt of murdering the hard work of many.(destruction is mother of construction -is different principle and we should not mix it with our burning topic).so,when faced with situation which requires picking one of above options of life,one should always choose ,the option which is constructive in nature.This may invite series of difficulties and challenges,but never loose your hope and give up.When in situation,accept the fault,accepting is first step towards rectification,moreover its natural and obivious to make faults,but its only humans who realise it,accept it and amend it.further,small or big all have made and shall make their share of mistake.YOUR COMMENT WILL BE APPRECIATED EVEN IF YOU ARE CRITIC-CRICTICS ARE YOUR BEST FREIND AREN’t THEY?