progress:In one month I have learnt that “even in this internet age developement is gradual.The point of satisfaction is,developement is there”.
Objective:Slowly,slowly am building the count of readers but to sustain this activity no sight of revenue,this is worrying.
Learning:blogging is a great tool to master the skill of expression.We get the opportunity to remain connected to various intellectuals who are doing samething as us.Being involved with letters,words and sentence,every single moment of blogging teaches you a lot.
Confession:For the last few years I was not involved in technological advancement,so this resolve to blog has brought me back to the stage.In one months time I have started to feel the hangand am enjoying.Its always nice to know that the cause I stand for is point of pondering for many.
Observation:The web is like all great ocean joined together and so much of wealth in it.Staying under water assures of success.However,its point to remember that nothing is easy.
On pundits:The web is full of masters who are not tired of preaching the various ways to instantly get success.To them-I have learnt to find my own way,since adopting their way yeilded no result nor did they show signs of keeping upto their promise.
Next plan:write about 10 posts,10 poems,keep learning,explore the united ocean,improve my presentation skill,adopt some new way to promote the blog,make distance from quacks……….

To excell and be satisfied,passion joined with vision is required.Effort and that too an honest one is what is in our hands
the rest shall follow in order.may be late but surely.