Life cycle

baby-boy-sitting-clip-artcartoon-of-dad-and-baby608-00248356Prized possession embraced by all; Responsible loving parents ready at each call; Ignorant,innocent yet attended by all; Clock started ticking and started to crawl; Only time when dear ones clapped on fall; Letters numbers and pictures mastered them all; teachers and friends answered their call; Inquisitive vibarant and loved by all; Days started lengthening and started to get tall; bruise and did not stop to fall; Now woods then mall ventured them all; Flame ,beau and foe answered every call; Tempted,enticed and led by all;Seasons after season remained a doll; Now old one cautioned me before each call; Parents,children love them all;Determined to respond to their call; Retrospecting yet hopefull to provide for all; Year after year saw them crawl,fall and getting tall; No chance left to fail or fall; Mother, father,son, daughter…seen them all; learned, nature answers every call; sick,old and pale turning burden to all; Clock stopped and I fall;Biding goodbye to all at this last fall.