Simple as lessons in kindergarten

The lessons learnt in kindergarten always stays with us.They prepare us for higher class.Each junior class prepares us for subsquent higher class.So,should we neglect our k.G teacher while accolading our professor.while enumerating all the nutritious food,should we forget our first diet,mothers milk.In same way for the great awakening one has follow basic principles that i share in my post.They are not solutions to complex issues but merely guide which help you in the road to your quest of happiness.Since,I am myself only a human,so don’t expect me to share out of box experience.For sure if you master these simple,basics of life ,they will take you to stream of solutions.when i write,”there are people observing minutely to every endeavour other has undertaken”am I wrong?No,absolutely not….people have started pouring their opinions on my blog.They are not usual comments but more of criticism.Their first finding is-even a 15 year old is conversant with the chapters I am writing on.To them,”imagine a baby out of her mothers womb questioning and complaining her,why am I being breast fed,why not the stuff you ate while I was inside or will eat now that I am out(pregnant women eat nutritious food.but they are different pre and post delivery).A mother knows what should her child’s first diet be.Secondly I hate paraphrasing.I do not intend to sell things by changing the packet .I am learning and thankfully improving.I am aware of the fact that learning is never ending,all I wish is to build rapport with my readers and combine with them to attain what I started to attain(refer to my post objective).I follow up my post as i am doing now,to prove its validity.Ambition many have but not all work to achieve it and many who starts the work surrender to smallest hurdle they face.This is not what I practice or preach.On the contrary,i am motivated by each critics you need to work extra hard and end result is predicted..You will admire my simplicity.What I suggest is,we should use a sieve while dealing with our criticism,seperate the unwanted part from motivational and guiding part.To write the most complex sentence we still use the letters learnt in our crawling days.So why andwhat shame to teach them.Come lets not be short of determination and keep doing simple things,this alone can lead us to our zenith.As for criticism,martin luther was also criticized and by none other than pope.Now for simple and basic thing,Ghandhiji did not propogate anything new but reminded people what they had already known- importance and power of non violence.