Large number of people that we encounter everyday are critics,leg pullers,judgemental and so on,but they are not the ones we live for,nor do we live this life for the sake of people who expect so much from us and leave us at single failure.Then whom do we live for?We live for ourselves,we as an individual are reponsible for own act.Our sole objective should be self-contentment.However in attempt to attain it we should remind ourselves that it can be achieved only by adhereing to the path shown by god.By following each and every principle of humanity,by falling in love with him.We should aim at complete eternal is therefore essential to follow his teachings.This reference has to regular and deviations should not act as hinderance,rather to wash the dirt caused by wrong doing can be washed only by following his recommendations with regard to corrective step.We are often forced to make the comparison with people who give hell to these godly principles and yet manage to attain much more than us in this life,this also tempts us to change our path.In situations like this we need to remind ourselves,that this not final evaluation,rather its just one of many tests that shall be taken into account in his court.Which shall decide our standard of living in our eternal home.Therefore,each time you come second as compared to your opponent in this life,and irrespective of it stick to your path ,path projected by god,you score a point over your opponent on final judgement day.Judgement where judges are not influenced by wealth,looks,family background etc.Is this a game then,where one wins only when the other loses.Absolutely not,this is purely our personal identification and only our deeds matter and nothing else.Life is like a tree where our deeds decide the fruits it shall bear.Bad deeds mean that we shall have to starve when we go back to our home.Many become atheist because they do not get desired results after following the commanded path in their present life.To them the life after death means nothing.They believe in what they see and not at what no one has ever seen.To them,we need the eyes to identify his light and one who is wise to do so is dear to him and therefore is not present to share the experience.Belief and its magical effect is beyond human invented scale of measurement.OH GOD WHO IS PRESENT IN PEN THAT I WRITE WITH,YOU WHO DWELL IN EYES OF WHO READ THIS,YES GOD YOU WHO IS REASON OF EVERY THOUGHT,SHOW US THE PATH FOR WE ARE BLIND AND HEAL THE WOUNDS CAUSED BY THE WORLDLY DESIRES.


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