judgeScrutiny is good but to what extent is questionable.If a person has has to regularly sit for exams,his fort of self beleif will be dented.The moment he is aware that he is under observation,his consciousness will make him commit mistakes.Therefore let him alone,let him be self and let him appraise himself of his qualities and drawbacks.Love him for his qualities and not his dirt,which he is trying to wash.This acceptance will build his confidence and open up more avenues of achievements. The process of ascension is not at all easy.The person has to regularly keep himself updated.He is bound to fall in the attempt,this is a obivious,but let not his enthusiasm fall.This enthusiasm to accept failure and refresh his attempt defines a man.He shall ever cheerish his journey to rise like a phoenix,this is what is called ascension.The great conflict within between light and darkness and eventual triumph of light is called ascension.He needs to have rhino skin and shouldn’t be effected by criticism.He needs to be analytical in his approach in this era,era where quantity is valued more than quality.How much you know matters more than how much you use,how much you earn matters more than how you earn,and so on. If scutiny is important,it should be done every moment rather than periodically.Out of days,weeks,months and years of good work,he should not be christened for one single involved in nomenclature should remind themselves of the fact that they too are being observed by …..god


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