Out of 86400 seconds

Out of 86400 seconds in a day,can’t we spend 30 seconds for a common cause which gives direction to our future.Is asking to spread humanity,promote compassion for fellow human being ,too much?We have enough time to share,like and follow many a cause than why not the essence of ever prevailing peace.Do we not aspire peace to prevail or is that we are getting addicted to the sound of wails.We are getting over fascinated by the terms like,apps,software,gizmo,gadgets,….etc but let me caution every one”since time immemorial terms like peace,content,happiness,sorrow,pain have been important to human existence and so they shall ever be”.However,same cannot be said about these techno terms.Observing the trend,it can be predicted that-they will make way for some new ones and it will not take very long to happen this as developments are happening at great rate. To have scientific temperament is good but to what extent is questionable.Being obsessed is not recommended.I may sound like dowdy but is it not better than being rowdy.sadly these thoughts of mine are hardly wecomed gladly.Be it snowy winter or prickly summer we should do our bit to spread brotherhood.We should care for others if we want others to care for us.No matter where we are our happiness is related and so is our ordeals.What we see in syria,Iraq,africa and many more should act as an eye opener.We are here because we have been neglecting the science of humanity we replaced the market of love and peace with big ammunition malls,but as we must have heard or read……Its never too late.


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