Company and its worth

Books are chest full of wisdom.They are like good friend,who is bound to stand by your side in your hour of need.They are summary of immense research done by the author.Books enumerates the various experiences and its effect.Reading them is like living a life,they take us to places where we haven’t been to.Every book has some knowledge to give and every knowledge in your attic is useful.Books has entire space within them but are they more precious than a good company for a child .There was a great conflict within me to get an answer to this.So,I decided to do some experiment………..I have three years old sweet daughter and five years old son,he is sweet too.I provided my son with books,allowed him to play green farm and shipwrecked games ,he watched doremon and Mr.Bean but to my daughter I purposefully kept her away from all the above and on realising the urgency to introduce her to rhym books(I never had this doubt that books are your best companion but they can never substitute for human company) i sat to draw the conclusion of my experiment and believe me amazing facts were revealed.Daughter is liked by all as she spent her time with them.she had picked up great deal of knowledge by interacting with elders and there was variety in what she had learned as she mixed with people of different age group.Being with her brother she was well versed with the bookish terms.She was healthier (health being three dimensional,physical,mental and social)as compared to her brother ,where as her brother scored less on all these ascepts other than books,he has rough temperament and is not eloquent.Therefore i come to conclusion that if we have large and wise company they are bound to be of more use than the books.There were two friends,one was good with books and other was popular among people and on following their lives i found out that the later has a government job, he draws good salary and the one who was good with books is still good with books only,he merely manages by teaching assignment that comes his way.On further pondering on the subject I analysed that…1.books will take us towards other book and so on,similarly your company continously keeps getting bigger and bigger.This is era where smart work and team work is valued more than hard work.2.imagine….you can read 7 books a week and if you mix with people you read just two but if you mix with 5 people who each read 2 books you end up with having collective knowledge of 10 books which is more than what you can manage reading and staying disconnected from company.Hence,we should balance our activity and wisely select our company to be winner.In this attempt to socialise we need to bear in mind the objective to do so,because bad company has the same effect but in negative direction.Today I read…person is an average of is company…..which supports to the old quote”man is known by the company he keeps”.


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