Its only human

I am not a felon but only a human;I hurt but only myself;Ashammed am I, but aren’t others same?Far as horizon,you will see only people like me; I only stumbled and fumbled then why all this rumble;Not that others never tumbled;I have done my soul searching and only then I am preaching;All I pray is -you need not be sceptical;repairing I am,my hut of dreams,Fixing the hole through which my hope and believe was seeping;Roller coaster ride for sure it might seem but isn’t this what life is supposed to be;Come on!leave the grudge behind the scene and lets be in same team;After all,I am not a felon but only a human.(We all have committed our share of blunder but being born as human,we are gifted with the sense of self realisation.we have the strength within us to amend the mistakes but on road their are people who remind us of our misadventures.These people should evaluate their personal life before forming any opinion on us.They should instead praise us for our effort to stich our life.As far as we are concerned we need not be disappointed and lose hope by their critics and sceptical approach rather convince them by our deeds and if hurt by their attitude and words,forgive them and try to include them in your team.The team which which practises and propogates humanity).


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