When single loophole can not go unnoticed,imagine the condition of a person who has always been on the wrong side of every endeavour he has initated.As if his pain caused by the regular defeats were not enough,the critics do not miss the opportunity to rub salt to the injury.Now, the defeated is burdened with the dual job of,one proving himself and second proving his critics.Most of the modern day critics do not fall under the category of friends,their intentions are doubtful and their criticism is not directed to improve the expecting disgraced person but to demoralize him.This worsens the condition.criticism should be healthy one and followed by some motivating and encouraging activity,and if done so it can germinate the story of great resurgence.This is what critics are supposed to do but majority of them do it to dishearten the poor soul.come on,show some sympathy atleast if you don’t understand the meaning of empathy.These smart people who play with the sentiments of poor defeated person should be conscious of the fact that,they may have to witness the story of of yet another phoenix.There is one more danger they face and that is,this defeated soul may change his course and join the darkened society and equipped with adequate arson may seek his revenge- revenge for those words and deeds that thrushed him into the dungeon.So next time you review someones work,do it to improve the person in question and not to push him into the pit.By this I do not advocate to put your words in sugar coating but all I preach is empathy.Life is not a grand slam or five match test series,it is sum total of small activities and sub-activities to sustain those activities,so let everyone live peacefully.once lived a mathematician,he had a son to whom he would regularly ask to improve and practise maths and each day would criticize him for his efforts.The son grew up to be renown in his own circle and was gaining popularity.Inspite of all this, father the master mathematician never praised him for his achievement and instead taunted him at every single opportunity.This greatly disheartened the son and in his rage decided to kill his father for his behaviour.He started feeling that his father was jealous of his knowledge in the,his mind made up,one night he went to perform the act.To his astonishment he heard his father explaining the reason for such behaviour to his mother.He said,”i do this to motivate our son to further progress and to be even better mathematician than me,the moment I praise him he will be satisfied and that shall be end of his study which i do not desire”.on hearing this the son was disappointed and felt ashamed for his decision which he had taken hastily.The next morning he went to his father and made his confession.Since then they started researching together and thus became good friends.This might be a great story with happy ending but not all stories end in happy note in life.Moreover not all critics have good intentions as the father had….has and not every time the aggrieved gets the opportunity to hear the explanation.Therfore we should weigh our words and deeds and visualise the possible outcome of such criticism that we are making.If you indeed want to demoralize someone,let me caution you,every one has his day, of failure too and the life like sea gives you back what you throw at it.If your intentions are good than harsh criticism should be coupled with some guidance and bit of encouragement.As for defeated hopeless soul,criticism is as light in the darkest hour which shows you the way.May this way be the right way and people witness yet another phoenix.


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