This post may seem to be a deviation from my standard posts,but let assure you it is not.I hope you all read my first post.If not,than let me profess the reason in one sentence to start this blog-To propogate the age old principles for better today and still better tomorrow.So how can we dare to neglect this issue.Activity which is solely responsible for our existence.All of us engage in this divine pleasure making act but ever wondered why in privacy?why is debating on the issue in public considered a taboo?Different pundits have different opinion on the mattter,but the essence of the answer is one-the matter is soley a discretionary between participating partners.Inspite of the act being a high voltage,pleasing and productive performance, its always and has always been considered a pandoras box which ,though tempting, should always remain closed,the moment it is opened it promises to unveil series of catastrophic circumstances.Yesterday I read somewhere(web)that over 65%women in america practise adultery.This is worrying trend as rest of world blindly follow them.The fact that they fear divorce makes the crime even more horrific.We should see this copulating activity as sacred.Going further in detail on the subject will make this post an outcast so lets leave it here,we all get intimate,don’t we, we all are masters on the subject aren’t we…so….period.However,this exercise is to be carried only with your spouse.(we are not talking of pre marriage sex,which I strictly do not advocate,neither are we talking of paid sex,we are talking of legal consenting, universally accepted copulation).We should restrain from hoping into one person to another.In this era of market driven society,where choice is in abundance,where people are attracted by packaging,where brand loyalty is an alien word,with lowest moral values, people are easily tempted to open the pandoras box.And shamefully many have already peeped into it exposing us to never ending ordeal.Just for the sake of moments pleasure,peep.We have become short sighted and do not dare to project the legacy we are leaving behind.what if future generation make further progress in this misadventure?These questions need to pondered upon.when in school we were made to speak on disadvantages of development,this is one.Marriage is laboratory where all your fantasy should be experimented,and incase of lack of chemicals master the theory.The only reason for sorrow is desire so stay content,and if some genuine problem crops talk to your spouse .Find different alternatives available and adopt the best,which is mutually accepted.And if nothing still works seperation is better than cheating.


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